• 303 GW

    Installed power of the photovoltaic installations world-wide in 2016.

    Source : IEA 2017

  • 19.6%

    Electricity produced from renewable sources covered 19.6% of French consumption in 2016.

    Source : RTE-Enedis-SER

  • URBASOLAR is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for its Photovoltaic Power Plant Development, Sale, Design, Construction, Operating and Maintenance activities

  • +50%

    Worldwide photovoltaic capacity increased 50% in 2016.

    Source : IEA 2017

  • 3.9 million

    On a worldwide scale, solar photovoltaics represent 3.9 million direct and indirect jobs.

    Source : REN21 2016

  • 2°C

    195 States committed to stabilizing global warming below 2°C by 2100 in the COP21, by signing the Paris Agreement, which came into effect November 4, 2016.

  • 4%

    The Urbasolar group consecrates 4% of its turnover to R&D every year and pilots research programs in collaboration with public institutions, private companies, and business competitiveness clusters.

  • +25%

    Worldwide demand for energy will rise about 25% by 2040.

    Source : IEA 2016

  • 1h

    Roughly one hour of solar radiation received by the Earth represents the world’s annual energy consumption.

    Source : CNRS

  • 100 MW

    Won since the beginning of 2017, on buildings, greenhouses, ground-mounted installations, or parking canopies, by Urbasolar in the CRE4 calls for offers.

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