URBASOLAR awarded 20 new projects as part of the CRE’s latest Simplified Call for Offers

By winning 20 projects from the July 2016 simplified call for offers in the non-agricultural family of projects, the results of which were recently announced by the Minister of the Environment, Sustainable Development, and Energy, Ms. Ségolène Royal, Urbasolar confirms its position as a leader in the sector of photovoltaic power plants on industrial, logistics, and commercial sites.

With these 20 new projects, Urbasolar, who celebrated its 10-year anniversary in October, confirms its role as the leading independent pure player in photovoltaics in France and as a privileged partner of industrial and logistics groups as well as mass retailers for multi-site roof-mounted and parking canopy projects.

Since their launch in 2012 by the French government, Urbasolar has been awarded more than 27 MW from the various sessions of the Simplified Calls for Offers, and has held for 4 years, with more than 12% of the market on non-agricultural sites, its position as a leader, a testimony to its expertise as well as its strong presence in this sector of activity.


Photos: Parking canopies and roof-mounted installations – Super U – Negrepelisse